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The elastic binder with a soft hold.
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SoftTie® compact

long-term mounting solution with cut-off feature

The SoftTIE ® compact has been specially developed for binding and bundling objects of any kind. Due to its highly elastic but dimensionally stable behavior, the SoftTIE ® compact does not constrict the bundled goods. The high-performance material, which was used to build the SoftTIE ®, has a very elastic character. Due the soft material it’s possible to apply initial stress.This makes slipping, even of very smooth objects, almost impossible.
In contrast to conventional fastening solutions, the new SoftTIE ® compact holds the bundles gently and securely in place without cutting through sharp edges.

The new SoftTIE ® compact closure ensures quick and easy tying without the use of any tools. The unique geometry of the SoftTIE ® and the rounded edges ensure a simple and pleasant handling. After the binding process, the locking lug lowers into the recess provided for this purpose. This enables a risk-free and clean cut-off of the remaining band.

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The Softbinder ®

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