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The elastic binder with a soft hold.
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Easiest installation and removal !

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Closing the Softbinder ®
1. step: Turn the Softbinder ® around the object on which you want to fix the plant and run the end of the tape through the first opening with the detent. Now pull the end of the belt until he is finally tightened.
2. step: Embrace the plant and run the tape end through the opening which is still-free at the patented closing.

Opening the Softbinder ®
1. step: Bend the end of Softbinder ® and push it – patented closing passing – back through the opening.
2. step: Bend the lock and thread out the Softbinder ®.

Original Softbinder ® are recognizable at the ROVA FLEX logo.

The Softbinder ®

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