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The elastic binder with a soft hold.
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The Softbinder ® as a reopening tie

Since a long time many technicians recognize the benefits of the Softbinder ® . Whether in the car industry, in the laboratory, the stage- and exhibition stand construction, seismographic measurements or in audio engineering, there is almost no application where the Softbinder ® has not been proven.

The simple assembly of the elastic binder can even be handled by laymen in technical matters. The Softbinder ® is simply ideal for objects of any kind to connect, to bind or fix quickly and adhesive-free. In contrast to conventional fastening ties you can open the Softbinder ® again and then use him again several times.

Due to his large range of applications the Softbinder ® often is known as elastic cable tie, reopen tie, mounting tie, rubber cable tie, or as quick fastener.

Original Softbinder ® are recognizable at the ROVA FLEX logo.

The Softbinder ®

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