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Dowel lifts in best quality for repairs.
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Princess – the premium dowel lift

Princess dowel lifts are made of a highly abrasion-resistant, resistant material which has an excellent durability. The elastic surface gives a comfortable walk without disturbing clattering or uninspiring burrs.

Rely on the Princess dowel lift, he is one of the few heels, where tearing out of the pins is impossible. Reason is a special reinforcement, which is used for the larger sizes. This special reinforcement holds the pin tight and secure in the material.

Our heel tap has the perfect fit and is available in many designs, sizes and colors, have a look at the product information.
If the form does not even fit properly – Princess dowel lifts can be easily grinded and milled and can so be adapted for your requirements.

Our products can be purchased Europe-wide from specialized trade.
If you cannot find any local dealer in your area, we will help you.

The dowel lift !

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