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Dowel lifts in best quality for repairs.
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Disco – the powerful dowel lift

Disco dowel lifts were designed specifically to meet the needs of a good, inexpensive dowel lift for repairing. In contrast to the Princess dowel lift,
Disco’s product range is only available in one form and color. The abrasion resistance is slightly lower than that of a premium dowel lift.

However, the dowel lift Disco stands out in the shoe repair.
The unique style of the dowel lift fits almost perfectly with any shoe, even the color is quite impressive! With a beautiful black-brown, the dowel lift can be combined with many colors. The high quality material ensures a elastical step and a relaxed walk without disturbing clattering!

The powerful dowel lift „Disco“ for the shoe repair is available in 8 different sizes. More details can be found in the productinformation.

Our products can be purchased Europe-wide from specialized trade.
If you cannot find any local dealer in your area, we will help you.

The dowel lift !

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